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Carnival Games

Ring Toss
24"w x 24"l x 24"h
 Colored nylon pegs & 2 dozen rings
Rates Starting at 45.00
Affordable Day/Week Rates Available

Fish Bowl Carnival Game

30"H x 23"W x 27"L
Complete with game box, pedestal, 10 fish 
bowls and 1 dozen ping pong balls

Rates starting at $38.00
Affordable Day & Week rates are available

Frog Hop

61"l x 21"w x 6"h
Complete with carnival game board center spindle 2 
frogs and 1 mallet

Rates starting at 45.00
Affordable Day & Week rates are available

Carnival game complete with 3 balls.

Rates starting at 38.00
Affordable Day & weeks rates available

36 "Carnival Game Wheels
Rates starting at $25.00
Affordable Day & Week rates are available

Horse – Shoe
30″H x 23″W x 27″L
Carnival Game complete with game box,
pedestal & 4 plastic horse shoes.

Rates starting at $38.00Affordable Day & Week rates are available

Hoop Shot
38"h x 23"w x 24"d
Complete with carnival backboard, hoop, net & Jr basketball
Player throws 2 basketballs through hoop :: 1 in wins small prize. :: 2 in
wins large prize.

Rates starting at 40.00
Affordable Day/Week Rates Available

Balloon Dart
32"h x 24"w x 2"d
Complete with carnival game board, support leg, plexiglass front
and 6 suction darts

Rates Starting at 35.00
Affordable Day/Week Rates Available

Krazy Kans
30'h x 27"w x 23"d
Complete with carnival game box and platform, 5 kans and 3 
bean bags
Player throws 3 bean bags attempting to knock all 5 kans completely 
off platform.

Rates starting at $38.00
Affordable Day & Week rates are available

Cover the spot

Carnival game with 5 discs

Rates starting at 15.00
Affordable day & week rates available.


Corn Hole Board Game

Corn Hole game. Each set includes 2 boards and 8 bags.

Rates starting at $29.00

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