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Propane Fill Station
Propane Filling Station.jpg


Propane prices may fluctuate from month to month, week to week and sometimes when demand is high even day to day. At Golden Rentals, you can save as much as $10.00 or more on each 20lb (grill tank) fill vs exchanging  your tank at a convivence or big box store. See store for more details.


We've been supplying propane to the Dillsburg and surrounding areas since 2004.

Why exchange your gas grill bottles? Let us refill your gas grill bottles and save you some serious cash for other items like STEAK!!We can save you as much as $10.00 per 20 LB gas grill bottle vs exchanging your bottle at those "convenience" stores. Also, when you exchange your tank you don't always get a full tank. With our fill station we guarantee a full bottle every time!!

Whether it's 20lb,30lb,40lb, 100lb, forklift bottles, RV's or motor homes we can fill them all!!

We NEVER do "Flat Rate" fills.We only charge you per pound or per gallon depending on the tank. So you only pay for what you get!!

We sell propane tanks too..

We carry all portable propane cylinders in stock!!

20lb Gas Grill Bottles

30lb RV/Camper Propane Bottles

Alum. Forklift Propane Bottles

40lb RV/Camper Propane Bottles

100lb Propane Bottles

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