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Inflatable Games

Wrecking Ball 

Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and swings it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then swings it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

Includes blower, 4 headgear.

 Length: 29′, Width: 29′, Height: 17′, Weight: 450 lbs.

Weeekend rates only $489.00

Note: This is a large unit and due to its size is not available for customer pick up. Price includes set up and take down by our staff. Does not include delivery fee based on mileage from our store.  

Pedestal Jousting Game

The Rock N Roll inflatable interactive game turns amateur jousters into rock stars! Players enter the six-sided arena and climb onto the raised center pedestal for a jousting match. There is just enough room on top the pedestal so that players will have to both rock and roll to maintain their balance. A contestant wins when he or she has defeated the opponent and claims the pedestal. The Rock N Roll interactive inflatable game has a bright and beckoning exterior, and a dizzying red- and blue-striped interior floor perfect for celebratory jumping, giving it the draw power for hours of traffic.
Game Measures 24' L x 24' W x 9' Tall

Weekend rates only $348.00 

Soccer Darts 

New and improved units have heavy duty vinyl, strong tie downs with support legs to help stand up to those windy days. Soccer Darts is the latest sport to go viral where football and darts are linked together. The aim of the game of Soccer Darts is playing the same rules as a dart game but instead of throwing a dart, you kick a ball at a giant velcro inflatable dart-board. The activity has become a great, fun game and is taking off across the US. 

Measures 12' Tall, 18' Wide and 7' Deep

Game, balls, blower and tie downs included. Requires electricity for blower while in operation.

Weekend rates only $225.00


Pony Hops

Pony Hops are inflatable bouncers that everyone can enjoy. Made with High Quality Commercial Grade Materials designed for almost any surface! 
No matter what your age or size, there is a perfect Pony Hop inflatable horse waiting for you. Very popular item. Book in advance.
All inflatable horses hold up to 350 lbs. 

Pony Hops are the perfect recreation toy for any event!

Weekend rates only $105.00
Rental includes 3 Pony Hops and Air Pump.


Its that old time favorite color game with an inflatated twist. Right hand blue, left leg yellow...etc.

Game measures 12' x 12'

Weekend rates only $99.00


Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed "outfield." The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit, amid realistic artwork, complete with defensive outfielders trying to catch the ball. The Batter Up inflatable game offers plenty of three-dimensional details, with a baseball bat- and ball-flanked opening and versatility; players can bat either left- or right-handed.

Game measures 12' L x 14' W X 14' H
Weekend rates only 

Obstacle Course

30' Obstacle Course (Dual Run)
Maximum Players: 4-8
Maximum Height: 5'
Minimum Height: 3'
Maximum Weight: 150 lbs. per rider.

Size: 12'H X 11'W X 30'L
Weekend rates only $375.00

Axe Throw DM1.jpg

Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing has become hugely popular, and now it's the hottest new inflatable game.

 We are proud to introduce the definitive inflatable axe throw. Larger-than-life artwork, realistic foam axes, and a durable built-in vinyl floor make this the best inflatable axe throw, period.

If you've never thrown axes, it's similar to playing darts. Each player takes turns throwing axes (we include 6 red and 6 blue), and tries to score the most points. Ours is designed to closely mimic the official World Axe Throwing Rules. 

Our axes are made of a durable foam, making them both safe and realistic. They look like and throw like real axes, and securely stick to the hook-and-loop target. Other inflatable axe throws barely look like axes!

Size 12'H x 21'W x 19'L 

Weekend Rental Rates Only $359.00

NOTE: Prices displayed do not include sales tax or damage waiver.

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